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1st Grade ~ Learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in PebbleGo; reading Charter Oak Books and connecting with great literature while exploring different online features in Wixie 

For the past few years we have been engaging our first graders in new and interesting literature by reading the Charter Oak Children's Book Award (COCBA) titles together during library time. 

As stated on the COCBA site, the purpose of selecting 8 titles each year is to:

  • Encourage K-3 students to develop an appreciation of outstanding writing and illustrations in current picture books.

  • Promote recognition of authors and illustrators of books for children.

  • Develop critical/evaluative thinking skills by judging the literary quality of nominated titles.

  • The winner of the annual COCBA is selected by students in K through grade 3.

  • Prepares students for participation in the Nutmeg Book Award Program.

One of the titles we read so far is "Would You be My Dog" and students have researched different pets in PebbleGo and created a Wixie page with a drawing of a favorite pet and a short phrase explaining a special feature of that pet. Wixie projects are available here:

1H - Would you be my Pet?

1J - Would you be my Pet?

The second title we are reading in January is " The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon" which is inspired by the true story of astronaut Alan Bean, who was a scientist and an artist! What an inspiring story! 1st Graders have been having lots of fun and good practice taking selfies in Wixie and resizing them to fit in an astronaut costume drawing designed by our amazing artist, Ms. Lauren Grella!





1st Graders also used the Biography section in PebbleGo to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his important life work. They jotted down facts on a folded heart shaped graphic organizer that has been send home to share with the families. 

We have also been practicing word wall words using SpellingCity. Each week the lists are uploaded to this site and students can practice their knowledge of the words by using the free games. 



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